Rose Face and Body Lotion (with Recipe!)

Majestic Mountain Sage (MMS), one of my favorite soap supply companies, had a contest on their blog offering a free 16 oz. bottle of virgin macadamia nut oil—and I won and received a fantastic bottle of it! And a very generous freebie, it is! (Thank you, MMS!)

My roses are waking up, though no buds quite yet, and it has put me in the mood for a nice rose scent. In one of my MMS orders,

Fragrant Cloud rose
Fragrant Cloud rose

they sent a lotion sample with Rose Garden fragrance oil. At first I wasn’t sure about it, but by the time I used the whole sample, I really liked it. (It also works well in cold process soap; no discoloration! That’s for another blog post, though.)

I love macadamia nut oil in lotion, so to celebrate the macadamia nut oil and the start of spring, I thought I’d share one of my go-to lotion recipes. I use this lotion on my face, on my body, and as a hand lotion. The anhydrous lanolin adds a great moisturizing effect, but it has a pretty distinct scent, so a little goes a long way. Fortunately, you only need a tiny bit.

Liquid Glycerin (or Hydrovance) 1.6%
Stearic acid 1.4%
Emulsifying wax 5.0%
Distilled water 81.0%
Avocado oil 3.4%
Macadamia nut oil, virgin 3.2%
Coconut oil, virgin 2.0%
Mango butter 0.8%
Lanolin, anhydrous 0.1%
Dimethicone 1.5%
Germaben II 1.0% of the lotion base
Rose Garden fragrance oil 1 mL per 100 grams of lotion

Both MMS and Bramble Berry have information on how to make lotion. I hope you enjoy it!

Inner Demons and Fire Swirl Soap…or perhaps Ember Quasi-Swirl Soap?

I love reading and I love soapmaking. As I was reading Inner Demons again, I was inspired by the warehouse fire scene to make a soap that looked like flames. The idea was to have red, orange, and yellow swirling “flames” with a black background.

Photo of Quasi-Ember (nee Fire Swirl) Soap
Quasi-Ember (née Fire Swirl) Soap

I used a slightly modified version of the recipe from Bramble Berry’s Juicy Watermelon Soap Tutorial. (This recipe produces quick, fluffy suds and lather! I’m a fan!) I was trying to do too much with a single batch (I used part of the soap batter my giraffe soap…more on that another day), so the soap batter was thicker than I intended by the time I got to my Fire Swirl Soap. Hence, the swirling step was more of the “glopping” step. Continue reading Inner Demons and Fire Swirl Soap…or perhaps Ember Quasi-Swirl Soap?

Branching Out…A Sneak Peak at “Fantastic Abstractions”

Fantastic Abstractions Coloring Book Cover
Fantastic Abstractions Coloring Book Cover

You know that kind of disappointed feeling you get when you finish a book you really like, and wish it could just go on longer? That’s how I felt when I finished The Savior, the Seeker, and the Sacrifice.

But happily, Jessica (never one to leave me without entertainment for long), created a gorgeous tangle coloring book! This is a sneak peak of the cover art for Fantastic Abstractions! Such interesting designs! I just love it that coloring and coloring books aren’t just for kids anymore!

The proofs for the coloring book are in the mail as I type! I’m so excited!!!

“The Savior, the Seeker, and the Sacrifice” is done!

Huzzah! Jessica finished writing, the editing is done thanks to our wonderful editor, Julianne Nelson, and The Savior, the Seeker, and the Sacrifice is now available as a Kindle book! Yay! The paperback version will be out shortly.

The Savior, the Seeker, and the Sacrifice
The Savior, the Seeker, and the Sacrifice

Bit of trivia for today. Jessica not only wrote the story, but did all of the artwork for the cover.

Please pardon our dust!

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I’m Eleanor, the less creative (but very keen) component of FLK Creative Works. We are excited that you have found us!

Jessica is in the 5th act of her latest novel (title still to be determined), which is a fun takeoff of the Ballad of Tam Lin. I admit, I hadn’t heard of the Ballad of Tam Lin before, but after learning that it is a legend out of Scotland about a young man who captured by a Fey queen and rescued by his true love, I am eager to see what adventure Jessica’s story holds!

Please drop in again soon for more updates–and probably other random things, too!